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    InD CS3 on i7 MacBook Pro?

    Emily L. Ferguson

      I'm transitioning from a Core Duo MacBook to this newer i7 processor and need to install InD CS3.


      Apparently I must deactivate it on the old Mac before I can install it on the new one.  This is making me really uncomfortable because I'm not certain it will work.


      I do have Rosetta, am running Snow Leopard.  Do have an activated license for InD CS3.


      Is this really going to be OK?  What do I do if it isn't and then I can't activate it back on the old computer?


      adobe support refuses to grant me any time to make sure it will be OK before I deactivate on the old Mac.  Already spent 45 minutes on the phone with them the other day.


      Need reassurance and a heads up for any possible problems I might encounter.