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    Draw adjacent shapes


      As a illustrtor novice with time pressure, I need to know how to create a new shape next to an old shape where parts of the edges coincides.

      Do I have to use a form for clipping, or is it possible to make a new path tracing exactely  parts of an old ? The two shapes hve to end up as separate objects.

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          emil emil Community Member

          There are many ways to do this but If you haven't created the new shape yet, you can select part of the edge/s of an existing shape, copy, paste in front and add to them to create a new shape.

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            Jacob Bugge ACP/MVPs



            In addition to what Emil said, if the coinciding part consists of one or more straight segments between Anchor Points on the old path, you may just use View>Smart Guides to snap to them (Smart Guides say anchor when you are close enough).