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    Draw adjacent shapes


      As a illustrtor novice with time pressure, I need to know how to create a new shape next to an old shape where parts of the edges coincides.

      Do I have to use a form for clipping, or is it possible to make a new path tracing exactely  parts of an old ? The two shapes hve to end up as separate objects.

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          emil emil Community Member

          There are many ways to do this but If you haven't created the new shape yet, you can select part of the edge/s of an existing shape, copy, paste in front and add to them to create a new shape.

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            Jacob Bugge MVP



            In addition to what Emil said, if the coinciding part consists of one or more straight segments between Anchor Points on the old path, you may just use View>Smart Guides to snap to them (Smart Guides say anchor when you are close enough).