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    What is the quickest way to paint a straight brush stroke that is NOT on 90 or 180 degrees?


      I do perspective drawing for interior designers and do the colouring in Photoshop. Think of old fashioned painting with a brush/copic marker against a ruler to get a straight line, but with varying thickness or opacity. I would like the same effect in Photoshop.


      The closest that I have come is to press Shift before the brush stroke. That constrains the stroke, makes a very neat line AND allows me to vary the line/brush thickness as I paint.


      Often the lines may need to be at an arbitrary angle which is NOT 90 or 180 degrees. The only way I know of for getting that brush stroke in the correct position is to make sure that each stroke is on a separate layer. Select the stroke/transform/rotate. Quite a few steps as opposed to the one it takes to draw the line in the correct position and angle with a brush/ copic marker on paper.


      This becomes time consuming and difficult once you have many lines to paint and if you need to be accurate (as with perspective drawing). If you are working on a very large canvas the point of rotation can sometimes be very far from where you are working (i.e. on a vanishing point) and difficult to see without a lot of Zooming and moving around on the canvas.


      To Stroke a path with the brush gives an unrealistic and even line thickness which does not look hand painted.


      Any suggestions?


      Has anyone ever used a ruler while drawing on a Cintiq? That may give the desired effect and be much quicker than selecting and rotating.