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    Background Grade Where Setup ?

    fhxfhx Level 1

      Hi, i have a nested comp-B where the background is a grade from another comp, don't know which, because the comp-A that is enclosing comp-B has only black as background in comp-settings and comp-A is the final comp in hierarchy, so is not nested to somewhere else.

      How do i find the place where the background is defined ?

      Also, the background turns off at some point (gets black), so it seems to be in conjunction either with being animated or the unknown comp with the bgd is ended at that time.



      I've found this in the AE manual :

      "note: When you add one composition to another (nesting), the background color of the containing composition is preserved, and the background of the nested composition becomes transparent. To preserve the background color of the nested composition, create a solid-color layer to use as a background layer in the nested composition."