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    tableStyles alternating pattern

    grg79 Level 1



      I can set the alternating pattern of row and column of tableStyle from interface.

      But I can't read or set this properties from script [JS].


      I can read this properties only from the table....



      I must read all properties of any tableStyle of document.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @grg79 – perhaps an omission?


          What you could do is insert a hint for "alternating rows" or "alternating columns" and their values to the table style by insertLabel("KeyString", "ValueString"). Extract and apply the values every time the table style is applied with a few extra lines of code.


          The problem here, did not test my suggestion: there are roughly 40 basic options with "countless" parameters one could set for strokes and fills; options like "preserve local formatting" etc.pp.


          Perhaps it's better to use pre-formatted tables in e.g. library files instead of table styles and move the contents (maybe the texts) cell by cell to duplicates of that prepared tables. Before that you could read out some parameters like row length and cell length and adapt the placed duplicates out of the library file.



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            grg79 Level 1

            Simply I need to read the attribute alternating rows or alternating columns of tableStyle if exists....


            But i don't found the attribute... it don't exists?

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              Jump_Over Level 5


              Which property are you interested in?


              table.startColumnFillCount ==> which columns are taken

              table.startRowFillColor ==> which swatch is applied to chosen rows




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                grg79 Level 1


                In the interface of ID I can define in the tableStyle the alternating rows attributes.

                But I can't read this attributes in the object tableStyle whit JS

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                  Jump_Over Level 5


                  You can read tableStyle.startRowFillColor with JS