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    Heads Up

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      Just a heads up to users of Google (Was Nik) plug-ins.


      For users of the Nik Collection Google has stealth installed a new product called Analog Efx Pro - cool you may think a new product. But there are many users experiencing issues with the install. It can trash Color Efex Pro 2 and Silver Efex Pro 2 and cause Photoshop to crash (CS6 perp).  There are a number of complaints out there - including mine.


      Googles solution is to download the site in install over the existing suite. Works for Silver Efex but not Color Efex.


      To me the bigger problem is the stealth install - did not find out it was there until my 3rd restart the I noticed the new plugin in the menu. Not sure I condone this behavior - as I think I should have control on what gets installed. Forgive the rant - but wanted to make you folks aware of the issue


      "update - the plugins seem to work in Lightroom"