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    IE 11 & Flash player not working...windows 8.1


      I have a HP pavilion laptop.. I cant not get videos to play it keeps saying "You need Adobe Flasher playr to watch this" .  Problem thought IE 11 had an integrated Flash player... if so why won;t it work?? Called Microsoft support on the phone with tech support for an hour thought it was fixed.. nope back to square one.. Anyone have any suggestions.. I had noticed everything stopped workling after the update patch of: KB2867622.. Unistalled it & reinstalled it nothing is working...

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          Mike M Level 6

          IE 11 is having a lot of trouble with "identification" at a lot of sites.
          Try enabling Compatibility View: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view#ie=ie-11


          It's resolved a lot of troubles for quite a few people.

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            Ghoulina72 Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion.. Still not working.. Now everytime the page is pulled up you get "Internet Explorer has stopped working"  So.. back to square one...

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              this is the message I get from the adobe flash player test page. At the bottom of the page I have a pop up saying this webpage wants to run the following add on "adobe flash player" from Microsoft third party application component then there is an allow or always allow option (selecting either reloads the page with same message and flashplayer wont play, website message "Flash Player is not installed you need Flash Player to view content". Manage add-ons Flashplayer enabled? yes Active x filtering off? Yes tried all of the steps listed from adobe and Microsoft spent so many hours I am tired of all of this. Using windows 8.1 64 bit flash player wont allow me to install because it says its already in windows IE 11 adobe closes off discussions but if they would simply help with queries instead of closing a thread maybe we could get help. I like IE 11 its faster and better than chrome or firefox and resolving this issue would help a great many people and restore confidence in adobe and microsoft