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    Topaz issue when rendering Video in PS CC


      Video editing feature of PS CC is awesome and I have applied many filters to the video clip after converting it to a smart object.  This works great for PS filters (e.g., oil paint) and NIK filters.  However when I export > render video with a Topaz filter (e.g., Simplify 4 > Painting II) the process goes through the motions, I see the topaz function being called on each frame but after rendering the output .mp4 file doesn't have the Topaz effects applied.   I contacted Topaz but they seem totally unaware of this functionality in PS CC (CS6) and were no help.  Looking for some guidance here as I would really love to apply some of the cool Topaz effects to video.  Thank you.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Think you are pretty much at the mercy of Topaz.  If it does not work it is there job to fix it..  Contact them again, and be prepared to give them as specific steps you do and what you see.  If you have downloaded CS6 also try it with this program or any other PS versions you have.  The more info they have the better.


          It may be it is not meant to work with video, or mp4.  Try with other video formats and see if you get same results.

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            CKOPIX Level 1

            Thanks Curt.  I did get a reply from Topaz that they are going to look into it.  If I get a resolution I will report here for all to see/find.  The video editing is pretty cool stuff.  Amazing that you can use camera raw like an image and even remove things.  I have my first video posted here where I edited with camera raw and NIK Color Efex Pro:  http://vimeo.com/79808774

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              That is a really nice idea, and one I would not have thought to try myself.  Let us know how you get on with it.

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                Jack Torcello Level 1

                This has happened quite often with me as well. The CS6 filters seem to "take" first time. My first and second applications of Topaz (Adjust and ReStyle) also worked first time. Lately, I have found that it can often take 2 or 3 attempts to render a Topaz filter. The tell-tale sign is that the timeline does not update after each application of the Topaz filter. A 13 second piece of video (320x240, 3gp codec) has 323 frames (i.e. jpegs). So the average time for one application of a Topaz filter at 3 seconds per frame is 16 minutes for 13 seconds of 30fps video. And it is impossible to stop the process once started, save for an intervention via the task manager!!!


                I get a lot of Program Terminated - Unusual Runtime Error. This is an ordinary, everyday, anti-spyware/antivirus measure, which can be switched off. But this is guesswork - I am assuming that this is the reason for what is happening. Also, CS6 "Has Stopped Working! Windows is searching for an answer to your problem. This program will have to close". It occurs to me that the Motion Workspace has been underused, and not enough of its frailities are known to Adobe. I am convinced the more anecdotal evidence, the more hands-on experience becoming available can help to iron things out.


                CS6, Win 7 64bit SP1, 6Gb mem, 1Tb HDD, Pentium B950 (2 x 2.10GHz)

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                  CKOPIX Level 1

                  I did get a response from Topaz that the issue would be fixed in the next software update but ETA is unknown.