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    Photoshop CS2 Activation


      We are upgrading one of our workstations and the user has PS CS2 installed.


      Rather than upgrade to a newer version, and because CS2 is sufficient for our fairly simple needs I attempted to install it on the new Windows 8.1 system.


      The software is compatible with this OS, but when attempting to activate I got a message that the activation servers for this software are no longer available. Upon visiting Adobe.com I found that you can download a copy of CS2 and use the serial number found on the case and activate the software that way.....


      ...only I can't! When try to use the serial number I have used in the past, the software says it's not valid.


      So I am a bit stuck now. I have software that I can longer use, and find out how to contact Adobe to sort this is a task in itself. I suspect they will just feed me the "no-longer supported" line anyway.


      Am I missing something? Anybody else came across this problem?