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    Frequent crashes followed by "unsupported paths" for libraries


      A couple times a day Adobe Edge will suddenly crash, and upon reloading and testing my project in browser, I'll receive a static page and Edge will pop up with an error saying:

      "Unsuppported path(s):

      [path to library]"

      Restarting Edge and my computer a couple times will usually fix it, but I don't see any pattern to when or why it breaks. The libraries I'm importing are some jQuery UI files (1.0.4) and EdgeCommons (1.0.2). anyone else have this problem?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, kyleab-


          Can you upload your project for us to look at?  You'll need to package up your entire project folder and upload it to a server like Creative Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.





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            I had several...... Encounters myself


            Sometimes what would happen is during the writing of the exported scripts that they wouldn't finish a line or whatever mid crash, most were not hard to correct... tracking down by naming conventions based upon what I was working on when it happened..


            Problem was it was a pain in the butt, Fact is the software is getting the bugs worked out so those types of issues should clear up down the road.


            Until then the best approach I found was making routine backups of the root project folder, because some bugs I just gave up on tracking down... and it's easier just to save often and backup progressively as you go...


            I would estimate I have crashed Edge a couple hundred times at the very least so far heh.