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    Kiyuco Map app help

    Faking 'til Makin It


      I'm seeking some help with the Kiyuco Map app. I followed the tutorials with no successs and have contacted Kiyuco but get respone.


      I can't get the map to show. The page is here:http://stellarkayaks2.businesscatalyst.com/find-a-dealer.html


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you contacted the team from Kiyuco for help?

          The error you get is because the API element has not been setup properly or disabled by BC. I am guessing there is some instructions for setting up the API for your site. Have you done this?

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            Faking 'til Makin It Level 1


            Yes, I have contacted them through their site contact form but have not gotten a response.


            I follwed the instrcutons that came with app regarding the APi key. I've tried it both with the API key and without as Google says you don't need it fo rV3. No luck either way.


            I have the BC Google map working fine on another page on the site, I was interested in the Kiyoocu app to style the Google Map popups.

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              simpledan Level 1

              Hi Josh,


              We are having some issues with our contact ticketing system which is why no one has responded to your issue. I am opening up a ticket so I can properly assist you there. You should get an email shortly.