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    Illustrator pictures appear/disappear in InDesign CC?


      I'm importing two Illustrator CC pictures into an InDesign CC file (Running Adobe CC on Mac OS X 10.8.5).


      If I set my display preferences to "Normal", they show up correctly (although an imported Photoshop JPEG appears in low-res). If I put the display into "High-Quality" mode, the photo is fine, but the two Illustrator files disappear, leaving only the bounding/content boxes. If I zoom out to 25%, the Illustrator files are visible on-screen, but at any higher zoom, I get nothing.


      What am I doing wrong?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign generates thumbnails to inserted in place of the actual photo - called a proxy.


          You have 3 display options in View>Display Performance



          The images are always linked back to the original, so on output, the image thumbnail is replaced by the actual image - and adjusted for output at whatever your compression settings are or the device it is being sent to (e.g. an office printer).




          As for the image disappearing - that's a new one...


          You could go the Preferences>Display Performance and adjust your Vector Performance to be always High.


          You might also go to the Preferences>Interface and change Live Screen Drawing from Immediate to Delayed (or vice versa).

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            I too have discovered this happening – in InDesign CC 9.2. When I discovered the above post, I tried altering the Live Screen Drawing mode to see if it would change anything – but nothing (quite literally ;-) ). I relinked to EPS versions of the same artwork – just to see if it was some problem with the AI – but still the images are not there. If I zoom out until the page is tiny – and I mean sort of postage-stamo sized area on screen, then the images reappear. Obviously, though they appear, as they are probably just a few pixels high in the view, its not very useful. If I downgrade the View Mode to Typical, they do reappear immediately, but rather grainy.


            So, anyone have any ideas? I've been using Illustrator and InDesign since they were both out of the box the first time, and not come across anything quite like this.

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              lisa pineapple

              I am having this problem too.


              I have imported both ai and eps versions of the same logo.


              Part of the eps disappears when I veiw as 'high quality' and also when I export as pdf. The ai appears to be fine ... until I print it, then the same bits that disappeared in the eps also disappear :/


              Any ideas how to fix it?



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                Ellis home Level 4

                Can you share a sample or a mockup showing the same problem? What ID version are you using, Mac/Windows?

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                  lisa pineapple Level 1

                  I appear to have solved it Ellis.


                  Another designer created the reverse/white versions of the logo and accidentally set parts of them to overprint. The issue doesn't show up unless you go to:  View > Overprint Preview.


                  It appears to be unfixable within indesign, so I need to fix them within illustrator.


                  I did the original logo for the client eight years ago and have done most of their design work since then. Gah. Such a little thing. Didn't think to check the overprint as it's never been a problem before. Oh well, live and learn.


                  Thanks for your interest.


                  I am using CC on Windows 8.1

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    It's extremely difficult to make [Paper] (white) overprint in ID, but ridiculouly easy in AI, and this is actually a very common problem with imported art.

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                      I just recently experieced this issue and when importing an .AI (CC 2014) into InDesign CC 2014.  When viewed in Typical Display the proxy would appear and disappear when changed to High Quality Display (HQP).  However when Overprint Preview is turned on the .AI file will appear while in (HQP).  On a side note, while placing art with import options, the preview did not update when toggling on and off various layer's visibilty.


                      Trying to troubleshoot, I turned off all overprint settings for element in Illustrator and no difference. The solution that worked for me, I used a blend between three paths.  Two of the three used the uniform stroke profile but the last path used "width profile 2".  Once I changed the last path to uniform as the others, during placement, the preview worked properly and the vector art rendered correctly in all displays with and without overprint preview enabled.


                      I hope this helps, anyone else with their files and contributes to a more distinctive cause and quick resolution.


                      InDesign CC 2014

                      Illustrator CC 2014

                      Mac 10.9.5