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    Why can't Flash CC compress a SWF as well as Flash CS 5.5?


      Does anyone out here know why this happened?


      I have a FLA file from which I needed to export out a SWF no larger than 40kb. Without changing any of the settings, the SWF exported out as 63kb. So I opened up the FLA in Flash CC and went to Publish Settings. Tried changing the JPG Quality, clicked Compress Movie (Deflate), removed the Include Hidden Layers checkmark. When this wasn't enough, I tried compressing each image in the Library by going to each one's Properties. After playing with the image quality for awhile, the smallest I could compress the SWF file was 58kbs.


      But then... I tried opening the same FLA in Flash CS5.5. Used the default Publish settings. Did not change the file whatsoever. And the exported SWF was 35kb! Plus the image quality was a heck of a lot better than the 58kbs SWF exported out by Flash CC.


      Any ideas why? Does CC add anything to the file that 5.5 didn't? I'm just finding this whole thing odd and annoying to work with when the file size requirements for flash banner ads are still only 40kbs...


      Thanks for any insight!