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    Photoshop CS3 crashes with MS Visual C+ + Runtime Library error.



      I've been dealing with this issue for three days now and I'm about to lose my mind because I can't find any answers through the Adobe forums, google, or the Adobe chat/phone service (actually, chat/phone support WON'T help me because I'm running CS3 - which I strongly disagree with - but I digress).


      I came into work on Monday morning and started working on this business card design for an associate of mine. I got to the point where a first draft was almost finished, I went to save it as a PDF (keeping all the layers separate and retaining photoshop editing capabilities), and it suddenly did this (attached photo). It's now Wednesday and not only have I never run into this issue before, but it seems no one else has because I haven't been able to find anything on it this whole time. It seems to be saving to PSD and JPG just fine, but I need to be able to save to PDF for printing. I've checked a couple times to make sure Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are fully up to date and they are. I've tried holding CTRL+ALT+SHIFT while starting the program to delete the preferences, and that didn't help. I've run a spyware/malware scan on my computer and it came back clean.


      - I'm running Photoshop CS3, with the new 10.0.1 update

      - Windows 7 Professional 64-bit /w Service Pack 1

         - Dell XPS 8300, 6GB RAM, Intel Core i5-2300

      - My system is completely up to date (according to Windows Update)