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    Typekit - Desktop vs. Web Fonts

    BobbyH5280 Level 3

      Typekit is a pretty handy addition to Adobe Creative Cloud. For the first time in a considerably long time Adobe is bundling a decent collection of typefaces with its applications (albeit with the limitations of an "always on" Internet connection). For instance, the font collection with Adobe Illustrator 4 was one of the few things I liked about that application (which I bought as a bundle with Photoshop 2.5). That, coupled with the "Collection 220" package that came with Adobe PageMaker, made for a reasonably good & fairly professional collection. As I progressed through various upgrades the type offerings shrank. Master Collection CS5.5 had hardly anything to offer. Typekit has offered a reasonably decent reversal of that trend.


      Getting to the point, I mainly use Typekit fonts for "desktop" use in applications like Adobe Illustrator CC. Typekit has a lot more fonts for web use than desktop use. Some type families are available for web use only. Other type families have all weights available for web use but only a couple or so available for desktop use. I can understand that considering all the different foundries that are participating in the Typekit program. Not every foundry is going to agree to the same licensing terms. So there's going to be some differences in desktop availability from one typeface to the next.


      Here's what I don't understand: all the differences between desktop and web use availability in typefaces made by Adobe. One would think since Adobe runs Typekit & Creative Cloud any type families they include in the Typekit service would have full desktop support as well as web font support.


      For example, Trajan Pro 3 has 6 weights from Extra Light to Black. The Regular and Bold weights are the only ones available for desktop use, but why bother since those two weights are already installed with CC applications. Trajan Sans Pro has six weights, but only one weight (Light) is available for desktop use. That's very disappointing.


      What makes even less sense: many of the extra typeface weights made for web use have serious legibility issues unless they are set huge on the screen. That's not much of a problem in print, especially the large format area in which I work. It would actually make more sense if the desktop area of Typekit had more typefaces and type weights available to it than the web font side of things.


      Is Adobe planning to make more weights of its own typefaces available for desktop use in Typekit?

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          ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the feedback. We do hope to eventually make all weights and styles of Adobe’s typefaces available for Typekit desktop sync. Sorry I can’t provide more details at this time.

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            BobbyH5280 Level 3

            I just don't understand why there would be any differences in the first place between Adobe typeface weights available for desktop sync versus web font use.


            It's especially puzzling since typefaces from some other foundries have all weights available for both desktop sync and web font use, such as Promixa Nova (a type family that's pretty expensive to buy on its own) or newly released typefaces like Tenso.

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              I appreciate you taking the time to reply, but at 49$ per month (perpetually), I think Adobe customers deserve a better answer.



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                BobbyH5280 Level 3

                In roughly two years of being a Creative Cloud customer I don't use the TypeKit service very much. TypeKit certainly has not replaced the need of buying new commercial typefaces for print and web use. I find myself more often surfing the web sites of MyFonts, Fonts.com and FontShop looking for new releases (particularly at aggressively low introductory prices) than I do checking out what's available to sync at TypeKit.


                There's a number of complaints I have with TypeKit. First, it's not all that easy to navigate. There should be a more efficient way to skim through all the typefaces that are available. I can search through hundreds upon hundreds of fonts at MyFonts' site a whole lot faster. Next, the fonts at TypeKit should show more clearly what they have in terms of advanced character sets. That's a major selling point for me when buying new fonts. I want features like native small caps character sets, different numeral sets, lots of ligatures, etc. I think TypeKit needs to have more faces supporting those features. Heck, there's even a lot of open source fonts at sites like Font Squirrel offering those typographic features.


                Next big complaint: TypeKit doesn't work with Adobe Muse, at least not without some very user un-friendly hacks. Even TypeKit enable widgets from paid sites like Muse Themes are a pain to use. IMHO, TypeKit needs to allow CC subscribers somehow to sync desktop fonts and web fonts of their choice into a Muse site. I hardly bother with the "Edge" fonts incorporated into Muse. They're often limited in terms of what's available online. For example, Muse only offers one weight of the Bebas Neue typeface while Font Squirrel offers three weights. So I just download the desktop fonts and generate the web fonts at Font Squirrel instead. It's either that or I just buy a desktop/webfont package from a commercial type site. It's more simple.

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                  Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

                  Hi BobbyH5280,


                  Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback on Typekit.  It's helpful to hear what does and doesn't work for you, so we can continue to work on both the Typekit service and our website.  New font detail pages and a better integration with Muse are two projects that would be valuable to many of our users, and we have them on the list for the future. Any news in either of those areas will be posted on the blog (blog.typekit.com) and Twitter (@typekit) when we can share more.


                  As Christopher mentioned, we are continuing to license fonts from our foundry partners for desktop sync as we move forward. Due to details of the font licensing, we can't say when a particular weight or style will be available for desktop until it is available for use on typekit.com.  Again, the new font releases are posted to our blog and to Twitter.


                  Please let us know if you have any other questions, either here in the forum or via email at support@typekit.com.  Best,

                  -- liz

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                    goatian Level 1

                    Hi, Typeset. I'm a CC subscriber. Any update on why some weights are available for desktop and not others. For example, Future PT and Simplicita: I want 'light' versions of both these fonts, but it seems they're only available for web use. I'm strictly print! Thanks

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                      goatian Level 1

                      The odd thing is that a while ago I must have used the light weight of Semplicita – a logo I designed a few months ago uses it.

                      I've since 'outlined' the font on the graphic, but I can tell it's the correct weight by comparing it - done by importing the logo into Dreamweaver, then superimposing the web font on top of it. Strange!


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                        Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

                        Hi Ian,


                        > Any update on why some weights are available for desktop and not others.


                        It is a question of licensing. Typekit doesn't own all of the fonts in our font library. They are owned by our foundry partners, who work with Typekit to make their fonts available to our subscribers. Some of these foundries have chosen to only offer their fonts for web use, while others are licensed for web and sync.


                        As Christopher mentioned earlier in this thread, we are always working to make more fonts from our foundry partners available in Typekit. If you want to use a font on your desktop computer and it isn't available for sync from Typekit, you can almost always buy a desktop license for it from the foundry.  Look for the foundry name at the top of the font detail page and click through to their website.


                        > The odd thing is that a while ago I must have used the light weight of Semplicita


                        There hasn't been any change to the sync fonts licensing on Typekit; if a font weight or style is not available to sync, it has never been licensed for sync use.  If you were using the light weight of Semplicita in one of your desktop apps, it would not have been through Typekit; you may have purchased the font from the foundry or a reseller.


                        Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but please let me know if you have any other questions.

                        -- liz