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    touch-slide to control timeline



      So to begin with, I am very new to Edge and programming as well. What I'm trying to create is something that allows people to "turn" an object by sliding their finger (or mouse) either left or right. The way I've seen it done is by having an animation of the object turning, and then connecting the gesture of sliding left or right to turn the object similarly.


      I've seen a lot of examples of what I'm looking for:




      This does a pretty good job, but I don't like how it is basically tied to where the finger is in the space, I'd rather something that says "when finger moves right, move forward according to the distance the finger is moved. While if the finger moves left, the timeline moves backward in the same fashion"




      The example she uses with the fish bowl is almost exactly what I'm looking for, but I'd rather not rely on plugins if possible. As I'm extremely new to all of this I'd like to use it as a learning resource as well and I feel as though plugins sort of obfuscate that resource.


      Sorry if this isn't very clear, but I would more than appreciate any and all help. A good resource to help learn the coding language would be greatly appreciated as well. THANKS!

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, mlovett1-


          You're going to need to do a lot of handcoding to make this work.  Instead of using swipe, you should use touchmove and calculate the distance between your movement.  You should find a good resource on programming in JavaScript, as that's what you'll use for all of your interactivity programming.


          Good luck, and I hope that gives you a good sense of the direction to take!





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