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    problems ith indesign cs3


      This morning my indesign cs3 launches with problems.

      It will launch but shows an - empty-  white diag box - that I can minimize and all my menus are grayed out.

      i acnnot save export etc.

      I can move an object - but not save.

      What is MOST intresting is that this is true of 2 diffrent installs , 2 diffrent lic on 2 diffrent machines.

      It is like adobe has changed something?...


      also all my cs3 suite is goofed.

      again both machines - same behavior.


      these are 2 ol power pc running 10.5.n


      CS4 and earlier are not supported so adobe support just tells me to - get lost.

      i found my way here.


      anybody got any ideas or seen this behavior?


      thanks in advance.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Odd that it happened on two machines, which makes it sound like some sort of software update you ran on both.


          Try resetting the prefs. See Replace Your Preferences

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            shupejar Level 1

            here was the problem


            the users had never registered the product.

            so upon launch they would just minimize the diag.

            then can the day when -- i guess -- adobe has turned off the registration server for cs3..

            so the app launches  - trys to call "home' no reply - white diag -empty - and hangs.


            the solution :

            launch with the internet connection pulled

            now the "do you want to register ?" diag stops and say

            "hey - no internet! register now? later? never?  "

            awnser with : Never


            and all is well