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    Grayscale printing has magenta cast.


      So first of all I was printing from Indesign CS6, everything in CYMK - and in the print menu, under Output, I had selected "Composite Grey" which printed a perfect black and grey print. (Rather than a Composite RGB or CYMK which would have been close to black & grey, but always has a slight tint of one colour or another)


      Then I installed some new inks in my Canon Pixma ip7250, which weren't official Canon - and now even with the Composite Grey output selected, it's printing too pink. Does this mean it's a problem with the ICC profile? Is the only solution for this to pay someone to put together an ICC profile based on my printer, inks etc?


      I've tried playing around with manually setting the colours in the printer options to compensate for the magenta, and as before, can get it close to black and grey but always with a slight tint of colour.


      Any suggestions on getting perfect black & white printing or how to resolve this magenta cast problem?



      Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to help.