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    Project Load: Error Alerts Suppression Feature

    David Torno Level 4

      I don't believe there is, but does anyone know of a way to suppress error alerts when loading a project that's missing plugins, can't load a mov file, etc...?



      I've already filed a feature request for this  and would love if others would too. This has been a big annoyance for me on a large project. Having to click Ok on 20+ alert popups is unnecessary and mind numbing to say the least when you are trying to get in and out of a file quickly. After Effects should simply log all of the errors and create an Error log text file and after the last error just before project is ready to open show one simple alert stating that there were errors and to check out the log for details, or even a small summary of the errors in ONE alert popup. If there is an error, I get it, no need to announce every single one and force me to Ok it. Just give me a list of the problems. Faster, more organized, and just simply a better user experience.




      This is what I filed:


      *******Enhancement / FMR*********

      Brief title for your desired feature:

          Error log text file for project load errors.


        How would you like the feature to work?

          When opening a project that has errors with files, missing plugins, etc... errors of any kind. It would be extremely valuable to consolidate those alert warnings into one single txt log file for easy review and only have ONE alert that either gives a summary of the errors or states that an error log was created in the parent folder of said project file.



      Why is this feature important to you?

           Getting a single alert popup for every single error is extremely annoying and in most cases takes way too much valuable time to babysit and click "Ok" for every alert. This annoyance is amplified by not having a printed summary to review afterwards if there are lots of errors or missing plugins.