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    What to do when Flash Player doesn't install properly?


      This has been going on for roughly 5 months now. Everytime I am prompted to update or intall the new flash player I do so, but it's the same update that never gets installed. Yesterday I contacted my computer's tech support, and they were little to no help. Flash is completely gone from my computer, and it still won't install no matter what browser I use. I downloads just fine, but when I click the final yes, nothing happens. No status bar, or error message, nothing.


      Here is a list of what I've alreay tried:

      • Unistall old version, install new one.
      • Uninstall browser, try to download and install on different one, reinstall browser of choice.
      • End progress in the task manager and try to launch installation again.
      • Downloading with and without the MacAfee option.
      • Running installation in Safe Mode with Networking.
      • Reading through the entire FAQ (no help at all).
      • Reading almost every thread that could hold the answer.


      I have a Windows 7, 64-bit OS. I don't have this issue with the other Adobe products any longer, But Flash Player kept getting worse. I am at the end of my rope with this.