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    Utterly and totally LOST and CONFUSED getting IE10 in Server 2012 x64 to work


      I am at my wits end, I believe I posted in here before but am still having tons of problems with IE10 and Server 2012 x64. Can someone shed some light on ANY of the following:



      1)Is IE10 embedded with flash player by default or not? If so what version?

      2)If IE10 is embedded with flash player how do I get it to consistently work and show the flash player test movie from Adobe's site instead of a gray box (following steps on site does NOTHING to fix issue)?

      2b) I have had some success simply changing the following security settings for the Internet Zone in Security:

      • Settings>Internet Options>Security>Internet Zone, click custom level> Active X Controls and Plugins> Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: enable
      • Settings>Internet Options>Security>Internet Zone, click custom level> Scripting> Active Scripting: enable

      on some machines the above works and I see a flash movie, other machines not.


      3)What is the shockwave flash object in my add-ons for IE? Some machines have this and some don't. Was it installed by default or installed manually? I cannot install this on non working machines where it is missing as the install page from adobe (get.adobe.com/flashplayer) says there is nothing to install since IE 10 should have flash player embeded by default. (it says flash player is integrated with Windows Explorer in Windows8. You do not need to install Flash Player and the bottom of IE says an add-on for this website failed to run).


      This is a NIGHTMARE process that doesn't work and is pathetic. Can someone please steer me in the direction to get this simple POS to work? Something that should work by default doesn't, and then should take no more than 10 minutes is wasting hours of my time.