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    Preformatted Dropdowns and Input Masks?

    FHH Joe

      I would like to know if there is an EASY way to create a "Country" dropdown field?


      I would also like to know when formcentral will support more input masks? I am not talking anything real elaborate here; just basic form 101 things like: phone number input, character limits in numeric fields, disallowing numbers for text fields (alpha characters only).


      I am extremely unhappy with having to upgrade from the trial to actually fully test drive the product, only to discover that these real basic features are not here.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          There is not an easy way to create a dropdown field of Countries without inputting them one at a time (or copying from another form).


          I'm sorry you felt you needed to upgrade, you did not need to "upgrade" to discover the features are not there.  This chart shows the features in the "Free" version and what the two paid levels include: https://www.acrobat.com/formscentral/en/features/compare-plans.html  In order to try a "Basic" plan we offer 99 cents for the 1st month of the subscription for you to give it a more in depth trial and test the paid features, but again the features you are asking about are not included in that list of paid features.


          I can't speak to whether or when those features might be added to FormsCentral.




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