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    Authorizing Additional Devices


      I am a school librarian and have purchased 10 NOOK Simple Touch devices for students to borrow.  I hae a laptop that I am using as a "Download Station" to download the e-book from Overdrive and then transfer it to the NOOK.  I set up the ADE account using an Adobe ID/email address, but can only authorize 6 NOOKS.  Is there a way to add another AdobeID on the laptop so all the NOOKS can be authorized to this one computer?

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          You are lucky to have got away with 6 Nooks, usually 6 devices in total (including the computer).


          It may be that if you use different OS level users on the laptop you will be able to register them with different Adobe IDs.

          Also, you can keep on deregistering one ID (ctrl-shift-D, cmd-shift-D on Mac) and reregistering to the other

          ... not very convenient, and I'm not sure the Adobe registration server might not lose count and think you've got more registrations than you do.


          If you do arrange two different Adobe IDs, you will find you cannot share books between them.


          Adobe may have special arrangements for schools and libraries, or possibly ask Overdrive themselves.

          I suspect Overdrive might be more helpful as this is their core business,

          where Abobe seem to treat the whole ADEPT DRM thing (software and infrastructure) with a total lack of professionalism.