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    #CreateODBCDateTime()# and Dev. Toolbox

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      The following message was also posted to the Dreamweaver forum, so I apologize for the duplication. But so far no responses there.

      I am using CS3 and newly added Dev. Toolbox. I created an insert record form using Toolbox and it looks great. My problem is this: I am working with an Access db (No that's not the entire problem, but it is the root. hehe) Anyway, I have three fields, one for an event date, one for the event time, and one for the event name. The wizard did pick up that the two fields in the db are date fields, however... if you have ever worked with Access you know the date must be run through #CreateODBCDateTime()# before it can be inserted. I am not familiar with all the stuff the wizard put in the page and have so far been unable to determine where I can use the ODBC function prior to insertion. Is there anyone out there familiar with the wizard code and how to modify it? All the validation and transaction stuff is stuff I haven't coded before and I think where my understanding problem lies. Thanks in advance guys.
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          You can put the function around the appropriate data inside the
          <cfquery...> block. Provide a bit of the code if you would like more
          specific help.
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            Thanks for the reply Ian. I didn't place code here in case there wasn't anyone who could help. Also, the page has no <cfquery...> block wihch I was surprised. I wrote a working page from scratch which does, but the Toolbox used totally different behaviors to accomplish the insert. What I did find out is that the Toolbox code does work, but you must enter the date and time data in specific and proper format. I'll create a pop-up help for the users to explain that. So, the bottom line is that the Toolbox works like it should and is a totally awesome add on to DW CS3.