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    interactive pattern question


      hey all, i need help, i have a school project, which is making website. i need a tutorial on how to make moving interactive pattern like this http://andy.thlndr.com


      i appreciate any advice, please help! thks

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          Hello, I have a couple points of advice for you...


          First I think your aiming a little high, that's more then a pattern and the load time on it is long...


          It is very cool, no doubt! If you have your heart set on it I would contact him and ask him for a breakdown if he's willing, because he is a coder and if your in school I'm just going to assume its over your head at the moment..


          If your some kind of a lil genius then more power to you


          If your new in edge id suggest that you follow available tutorials, there are plenty..and some are very well done.

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