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    Feature request: more complex brushes


      Hello PS Touch team.


      After using many drawing apps on samsung note 10.1 I have noticed that PS TOUCH definitly rocks in the field of controling layers, performing some effects, selecting etc. But many complex designs requires extended brush control and some variations of brush textures, which in PS TOUCH are next to zero


      Is there a chance that PS TOUCH will have in the future some more complex brush textures and usefull settings that is lacks at this moment? Sketchbook from Autodesk can be great example how drawing app should be packed up with many variants of different brushes.


      I really would like to use PS TOUCH on regular basis, but despite it is really good at selecting and working on layers - the lack of proper brushes compelxity, excludes PS TOUCH from list of well fitted apps for graphic desing


      Best regards !