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    setting source paths fail


      Ever since I updated to Mavericks, Flash Builder 4.7 seems to be unable to recognize my directories. When I try setting source paths or SWC paths it fails with the message "The specified path is invalid". I'm browsing to the directory and clicking open, I'm not typing in the path directly, so the directory is most definitely valid.


      I read some posts about installing a specific version of Java, but it didn't help. I can't revert the OS to the previous version because I have xcode projects that require the latest version.


      Any help would be wonderful.



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          maweibezahn Level 1

          I too have a very similar problem. This is the behaviour I see:

          Choosing path through the file picker dialog, with a path like this:




          …leaves the input field with the path empty, so I can not add it


          Typing a relative path into the input field also does not work, then I get the error message mentioned in the post above.

          The only thing that works is typing in the absolute path to the ressource. This is really annyoing…


          I also have another problem which is related, I think: when I want to create a new certificate for a release build and use the file picker to choose the destination, Flash Builder crashes right after selecting the location. Every time.


          Please let us know how this can be fixed!