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    E-mail notifications and Forms submission problem.


      Hi there,


      I have been having a couple of problems recently, and am hoping to find a resolution.


      1. Just recently, I have noticed that e-mail notifications have been sporadic and not always coming through. This has only been noticed since Nov. 20, but isn't ideal as I am relying heavily on accurate and timely notification of forms submission.


      2. Some of our staff have submitted a form, but there is no record of this anywhere. Again, the reporting and submisson of the forms is pretty important to our organisation, and we are therefore reliant on our staff being able to submit a form at any time.


      These problems have been noticed on more than one form, but again the problems have only been recent.

      In all cases, the form has been created on a Mac platform using Safari and submitted predominantly on a Windows platform.


      All and any advice is much appreciated.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          For cases where you believe the form was submitted but not recieved if you can provide more information about the time/s the users claim to have submitted the form that would be great.  Are you sure that the user got a confirmation page?  You do not see these responses in the Response table and also did not get notifications?


          Regarding notifications please make sure to check spam filters and check the "Notifications" tab to make sure that all users are "Verified", if you see an "!" mark there then at least one user is not verified, sometimes people change the email list there and new users are not verified. 


          Also, check with the IT department at your company if this is inside of a company where the notifications are not received, a change could have been made by IT that resulted in these not getting through any longer, some spam protection such as pinging the email back to see if it can receive replies could stop our notifications since they do come from an address that cannot recieve replies.


          You can check this FAQ on missing form responses and see if anything here helps: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-4071


          If these do not resolve please send me (at jcorey@adobe.com) the following details so we can look into the notifications on our side:

          1) The form URL

          2) Date/time from the response table of submissions you did not recieve notifications for (not all, a few is good)

          3) Email addresses that did not recieve the notifications