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    HHC5003 compile error

    Jop Smith Level 1
      When compiling my project I get the following error:

      HHC5003: Error:
      Compilation failed while compiling http:...

      I've added a URL for my home page in the Advanced Window Properties dialog box and this is what it's having a problem with. However, the project compiles OK and the Home link works fine.

      Just wondered why it's happening and how I can remedy it.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi jop22.

          This "error" message is seen when the compiler can not find a "file" in the project. However as this is not a file but a link which is outside the project you can just ignore the message. As you have found, the link works.
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            Jop Smith Level 1
            That's fine then. Thanks.

            Another quirk I'm encountering (and this is off topic) is that everytime I compile my "Contents" file, its HHP file ends up with loads of network references to my merged Help files (e.g. G:\<Server>\<Folder>\<File.chm>) as well as just the <File.chm> reference to the merged files. This results in duplicate entries in the Search.

            How can I stop it adding these references to the HHP file?

            Hope this makes sense.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi jop22

              This would seem to imply you may have your project stored on a LAN (network drive)? If so, try moving it to your local C drive. Working with a project while it is stored on a LAN causes more grief than you might imagine.

              Sincerely... Rick