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    Character Styles Preserving

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      Hi All,


      Could anyone help or provide the path where we get the:


      1. character styles preserving script


      2. Nested Styles to Character styles


      Working on CS5 and above





      My Request:


      Export document with multiple stories in .rtf format.


      Thanks in advance


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          Preptext preserves manually applied styling, and I think Peter Kahrel has a good script to convert nested styles (use Google). But they have nothing to do with exporting to RTF.


          Do you mean you want to run a script for 1., then for 2., and then (as #3) export? There are script batch runners which will do that.

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            Hi Jongware,


            Thanks for your response....


            Urgently I need Point no 1 Character Styles Preserving Script


            Note: I check your script, it not create character styles for Medium Italic. Could you give any updated script


            __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________


            Next, If any script available to run a script 1, 2 and 3 finally export to rtf.


            Thanks in advance


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              TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you need a script that will convert ALL character-level overrides to

              character styles, check out my "Create Character Styles from Overrides".

              It's under the scripting tab on www.freelancebookdesign.com


              However, it is not a free script.