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    Live Logger feedback & issues

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      I am a Freelance Junior Editor of a commercial production house. We recently used Live Logger in conjunction with Prelude and Premiere Pro CC on the set of one of our shoots for the first time and we found the software excellent in theory but lacking in practice and would like to provide our feedback not only with the functionality of Live Logger, but the integration of the logs in Prelude and Premiere Pro in particular.



      • As others have mentioned before, the iPad clock-based logs DO NOT sync with camera clock in Prelude, instead listing time of day as 00:00:00:00. This makes use of the Live Logger app all but worthless except when doing really long extended takes when you can just as easily add the same comments in Prelude while going over the footage after the fact. Putting an in-point when the camera rolls is a decent fix we used, but it still takes away from the basic promised functionality of the app.
      • The comments appear to be only searchable and selectable in Premiere when you’re inside the actual clip, not in the timeline itself, making the whole comment system nearly useless when you’re dealing with hours of footage lined up in a rough assembly and you want to quickly find specific markers.
      • The simplicity of dragging comments around in Prelude is completely lost in Premiere, where it becomes quite a hassle, due to the interface, to adjust comment durations and placement.
      • The separation of the Settings menu from the Logging interface. Use the iPad functionality, have the settings be a pull-down menu from the Logging window so you can change things on the fly or at the very least quickly before starting to Log.
      • Making a rough cut out of the selected markers is great in Prelude. Why can’t this function be imported to Premiere as well? Or, better still, a function in Premiere where the marked selections are spliced out but not necessarily separated from the rest, so one can simply slide the marked selections around. Which brings me to…



      • Instead of having a fixed note duration time in Live Logger, perhaps an rec/pause format logging function would serve better. Press once to start the comment marker in-time, once more to set the out-time. As when dealing with commercial shoots, there are frequently little snippets, looks, glances or moves that become just as useful as any fully spoken line or storyboarded shot. As such you may get several overlapping comment markers or, worse still, you may see something longer than the duration time and not all of it will be marked.
      • The Pre-roll should be adjustable not only down to seconds, but frames as well. To be able to set the pre-roll to 1½ seconds could make a world of difference to some.
      • Frame rate should be adjustable. During our shoot, 75% of the footage was in 60 fps, making Live Logger useless as nothing would sync for obvious reasons. Setting the frame rate of the log so that the app can then adjust the timings accordingly when loaded into Prelude would be a simple, but invaluable improvement of functionality.
      • The in- and out-time of each note should be adjustable in the app after the fact. Sometimes the pre-roll time is not enough or the note ends prematurely, it would be simpler to tap and drag in the app itself to adjust the time rather than fiddle with it in Prelude.
      • Support for color coding in Prelude and Premiere. A tall order, but imagine setting “focus pull” as a template button in Live Logger, assigning it the color yellow and finding it to be a yellow note in Prelude and Premiere alike.
      • Supertitle function in Prelude and Premiere. Comment markers from Live Logger should have the option of showing up as supertitles while viewing the footage. A simple option in the markers menu as “Show Live Logger/All comments as supers”. They don’t have to appear on final output, but during editing it would be a great help and to go even further, other Metadata having this functionality as well would be terrific.
      • Live Logger audio notes support. Exactly what it sounds like – speak your notes, rather than type them. I realize it would be difficult to integrate playback into Prelude or Premiere, but at the very least, have it as part of the app so that you can go over it after the take and type it down. Often its near impossible to type in notes manually and you can’t make a template button for every occasion.
      • Live Logger for iPhone. Just easier to carry around and use than the iPad and the interface doesn’t necessarily need something that big anyway.
      • The Log headers should be able to include not just “Author” and such, but templates for filename/no, shot, take, slate options and corresponding audio file or tracks. Instead of scrambling to type all this down between takes, a drop-down menu of selecting shot no., take no., and template names for the rest would make it so much easier.


      Thanks for listening, I hope at least some of our feedback will be taken into account for future updates. I will continuously update this list when new issues or ideas arise.



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          Nick Papps Level 1

          I like the idea of Live Logger too.  But I'm not sure how to implement it into my workflow.  My company uses up to 3 Sony Alpha DSLR's during interviews for example.  Will it work for our set up to say log significant things during an interview or good or bad take? 



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            I second all your feedback and issues.  Especially the following:

            • Marker comments only searchable in clip and not in timeline.  (This makes it really unusable to use the comments)

            • Markers need color coding and that color coding be available to see specific markers in premiere very quickly.

            • pre-roll and marker duration needs to be in frames not seconds.


            All though there are these issues, we are still using the app and prelude on projects every week.  We love the idea, and totally see the value.  With the above updates, it would make this an awesome tool.  Really hope adobe continues to grow and support both these apps. 

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              lewis_adobe Adobe Employee

              Thanks for your feedback!  We are very interested in continuing to improve and support this workflow.


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                michaelgoshey Adobe Employee

                Hi -


                Yes, this should work well. You can apply the marker list Live Logger generates across the footage from all 3 cameras if you wish.  If you timecode sync your cameras and live logger (using Ambient or Timecode Buddy for example - or set accurate Time Of Day across all devices) then Prelude can automatically sync the markers across the media from all cameras in one go using the Unassociated Metadata panel's "Apply To: Selected Clips" button.


                Hope this helps!


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                  michaelgoshey Adobe Employee

                  Great feedback!  Most of the items you have listed will be added to our feature backlog, being worked on now or have already been implemented. If you haven't yet updated to Live Logger 1.1 and Prelude 2.2, it will help with your Time Of Day workflow issues. The Timecode in Prelude's Unassociated Metadata Panel will no longer be 00;00;00;00.