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    AE/Cineware bug - extracted data is wrong

    William Patin Level 1


      Hi guys,


      I've come across a very annoying bug in AE, in conjunction with Cineware. I have a Scene using multiple cameras, and everything was working fine until I changed

      the animation keyframes of the last cam, 'Cam3'.

      The problem

      'Cam3' (as seen in the C4D scene) was initially animated the following way:  A-->B1__B2-->C //the keyframes 'B' have the same value, and the interval 'B1___B2' corresponds to a full stop.


      I changed the animation tempo by:

      1. adding a keyframe: A-->X-->B1__B2-->C
      2. deleting B1__B2
      3. moving up C to B1's initial position in time

      As visualized here:






      The problem is that AE/Cineware extracts the wrong camera data:



      The sceneThe Data
      How C4D displays and renders itA-->X1-->C
      How Cineware displays and renders it in AE CompA-->X1-->C
      Which data Cineware extracts in AE CompA-->X2-->C


      The data that Cineware extracts can't be found inside the scene itself, but must be buffered/coded in a location that one can't see or access.


      The C4D Scene


      You can download the C4D scene by following the link: LINK


      Import the file to AE, extract the scene and have a close look at the light named 'null' and 'cam3'. I paranted a second instance of the 'Text' Text Object to 'null', in order to visualize that 'null' ends at the exact same coordinates as the 'Text' Text Object.


      If the data extracted by AE was right, then 'null' would stay in the center of the Text Object at all times. But as you can see, 'null' starts moving without its paranted Text Object, which is the result of 'cam3' starting to move in AE, while 'cam3' remains steady in C4D; it ends at the right coordinates and the right time though.


      The solution?


      Can anyone confirm this issue? Have I found a bug? Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is there a possibulity to flush the cache?