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    Exporting and importing Plugin Preferences




      I have created a plugin (LensTagger) that has internal presets and would like to create an export-import functionality to it. All the presets are saved in the Lightroom preference file like this:


      op_Presets = {

                          LensNameValue = {

                                    aperturevalue = "FST",

                                    focal35 = "FL35",

                                    focallength = "FL",

                                    maxaperture = "AP",


                          ["Some Lens"] = {

                                    aperturevalue = "3.5",

                                    focal35 = "15",

                                    focallength = "7.5",

                                    lensmodel = "Some Lens",

                                    maxaperture = "3.5",



      Preferabley they would be exported as csv or text file, so they are easily editable. My goal is to create Lens databases based on vendors so users can impory the Nikon database for instance. Is there an easy way of doing this? I have looked around, but it seems noone has ever done something like this and I am a somewhat unexperienced lua developer. Any hints will be appreciated.