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    Additional Software

    Jan van Veen Level 1

      Most irritating that I have to disable the possibility to download/install Chrome or other program when I only want to install Flash Player. If this continues I stop with downloading Flash Player and even will minimize the use of Adobe programs.


      Jan van Veen

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          Angry At Adobe Abuse

          When asked to download an Adobe Flash Player update today, I did so and started the application.


          I saw that it was also downloading McAffe security software - without my approval. I was never asked to install additional software and I aborted the installation process.


          This is absolutely abusive behavior and I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from any company, no matter how widespread their product may be.


          I will also be contacting McAffe to let them know that I have a much lower opinion of their company than before for being complicit in this behavior.


          It is amoral and should be criminal behavior to sneak additional software onto someone's computer like this. Shame on you, Adobe. This is worse than having opt-in boxes for additinal products already checked.


          I am disgusted and Adobe should be ashamed - but I'm sure that it is not.

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            Angry At Adobe Abuse Level 1

            The contact for McAfee Corporate Respnsibility is Richard_Cohn@mcafee.com


            If you are upset about McAfee, or any other company, being complicit in this behavior, please contact said company and let them know.

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              Jan van Veen Level 1

              This is ridiculous. I’m on the Adobe site for downloading. Adobe tolerates this and should stop the possibilty for downloading additional software! Not Google or McAfee.


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