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    Photoshop Actions and Batch Processing Snafu


      Good Day,

      I need to batch process thousands of files, the end result being their dimensions should be no larger than 200x200px. My problem lies that I need to rotate the portrait-oriented files to a landscape orientation. We deal with many rectangular files (originally as big as 5 foot by 10 foot) and I would like the end result to have everything horizontal (i.e. the vertical ones resting on their side).


      I set up an action to pause and ask me if I wanted to rotate (it was a vertical file), then every file after asked the same question in which I clicked cancel because I did not want the horizontal files to rotate, and thus the action did not save the rest of them.


      Is there any action or script I could use that has an "If/Then" sort of scenario? For example, *if* the dimensions are taller than wide, *then* rotate, otherwise leave the file alone?