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    Setting graphics frame preference

    Panhandle Jim

      I'd really, really, really like pictures to place on the page with a hairline border around them.


      I've tried setting the "basic graphics frame style" to do so, and while the control panel shows the stroke is set to .25 points in black and that "basic graphics frame" is my default style, I get nothing when I


      A) draw ta picture box using the rectangle frame tool


      B) place a picture by using CMD-D and dropping the photo onto the page.


      C) place a picture by using CMD-D and drawing a proportional box for the graphic.


      I have also tried selecting the rectangle frame tool and setting the stroke width to .25, but when I then draw a rectangular frame, it has a 0-pt. border.


      There has to be a way, doesn't there?


      This is slowing production every issue and sometimes we're ending up with pictures in print that aren't bordered. I've just spent 3 hours searching the forums and tutorials on here and can't find an answer to this specific question.


      Color me frustrated in the hills of West by-God Virginia.

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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          You can apply Object style.


          you can used Find and Change (object tab):

          Change Object format: select style

          Type: Graphic Frame


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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            This is one of my pet peeves. Way back at the dawn of ID the default graphics frame was hard coded to have no stroke and no fill, so no matter what object style you select as the default, when you creat a frame withthe frame tools it reverts to [None] and has no fill or stroke.


            If you don't mind creating the frames first, you can set a default object style and use the shape tool (without the X in it) and the object style will be honored. You can then click your loaded cursor inside the shape to place the image.


            You can also use an undocumented feature -- the "Place Gun Frame" object style -- to style ALL image frames drawn on the fly when you place an object. Create a new object style named Place Gun Frame and set your parameters. All of the on the fly frames will use this style instead of [None], regardless of what you choose for the default. It won't be applied to existing frames or shapes, though, if you place an image into them, only to those frames created during the Place operation.