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    Submit By Email button not working in FireFox 25.0.1

    Shaylyn Joy

      If the form is saved to desktop or opened in IE, we are not seeing any issues. However, when clicking on the submit by email button in in FireFox 25.0.1, a pop-up appears to choose the default email program or a web email program. We use Outlook and it is set by default. After checking the Outlook option, the form freezes for about a minute and the email window with the PDF attached never appears.


      I'm using the built-in Submit By Email button in Livecycle Designer 9.


              <event name="event__click" activity="click">
                 <submit format="pdf" textEncoding="UTF-8" target="mailto:ebss-access-request@jhuapl.edu?subject=EBSS User Renewal Request- Approval Needed Request"/>