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    Submit By Email button not working in FireFox 25.0.1

    Shaylyn Joy Level 1

      If the form is saved to desktop or opened in IE, we are not seeing any issues. However, when clicking on the submit by email button in in FireFox 25.0.1, a pop-up appears to choose the default email program or a web email program. We use Outlook and it is set by default. After checking the Outlook option, the form freezes for about a minute and the email window with the PDF attached never appears.


      I'm using the built-in Submit By Email button in Livecycle Designer 9.


              <event name="event__click" activity="click">
                 <submit format="pdf" textEncoding="UTF-8" target="mailto:ebss-access-request@jhuapl.edu?subject=EBSS User Renewal Request- Approval Needed Request"/>