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    DragManager.doDrag now dispatches a DragEvent.DRAG_START event?

      I used to listen to the DragEvent.DRAG_START event to populate my drag source, in a DataGrid:

      // On a DataGrid:
      this.dragEnabled = true;
      this.addEventListener(DragEvent.DRAG_START, myDragStartHandler);
      private function myDragStartHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
      // ...
      DragManager.doDrag(...); // pass my drag source as a parameter

      That code worked perfectly with the Beta 2. But now In Beta 3, DragManager.doDrag dispatches a DRAG_START event so a infinite loop occures.

      If I listen to MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN instead of DragEvent.DRAG_START it works, but it's not perfect. The problem with mouseDown is that my drag proxy image appears as soon as the mouse is pressed. That means that if the user simply want to select a row in the DataGrid, by clicking it, it triggers the myDragStartHandler() function!

      Is there a way to simulate the way it was working before?