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    Site set-up (or change) issue


      In Dreamweaver CS5.5 When I set up a new site, assign root folder, etc. (or make changes to an existing site's information) when I click save I get the following message:


      "The root folder you have chosen is inside the folder for site 'htmlEmails'.  This may cause some operations, such as synchronization, to work incorrectly.  Proceed anyaway?"  The options are: OK or Cancel.  There is no option to choose a different folder. (The 'htmlEmails' folder is a folder within my 'Local Sites' folder.)


      If I delete the 'htmlEmails' folder and try again it arbitrarily picks another folder within the 'Local Sites' folder and I'm right back where I started.


      This is disastrous.  I can't scnc changes to the remote server and even if I want to bring an image into the site I have to physically drag it in rather than saving it from the graphics program directly to the image folder within the site.


      What is going on here?