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    cf8 ajax/layout issue - intranet application

      i have a cflayoutarea that contains a cfdiv which is populated dynamically with ajax. depending on what the user chooses in a cfinput-autosuggest at the top of the form, a cfdiv will get plain html -OR- a cfform containing a
      cfinput type=button.

      the cfform containing the cfinput type=button executes onclick=coldfusion.window.create(), and the source file specified is a coldfusion template containing a cfform with a cfgrid. the query that populates the cfgrid sometimes returns sufficient data so as to make the grid larger (vertically) than the size of the window. when this happens, a scroll bar is generated. when i use the scrollbar, the grid won't move. the upper border of the grid (atop the header) is the only part that does. the data at the bottom of the grid is rendered inaccessible.

      however, everything works perfectly in FireFox

      if i take the cfform containing the cfinput type=button out of the cflayoutarea, it works fine in IE7 and FireFox.

      my organization officially supports IE7, not FireFox. the application needs to use ajax so that it can either return plain html in the cflayoutarea OR the cfform w/cfintput type=button that drives the popup window. either that or i
      have to completely rethink how i'm delivering this data.

      i've built a working example of this that uses two files: test_main.cfm and test_grid.cfm....thanks!