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    create animation based on given data

      I am trying to create an animation based on data using Flash professional 8
      (actionscript 2) and I can't find a way to do it. Here is a very simple example:
      Create an symbol
      Place the symbol at (x=100,y=25) at time t=0
      Place the symbol at (x=50,y=80) at time t=15 milliseconds
      Place the symbol at (x=150,y=50) at time t=50 milliseconds
      The x,y,t values would be in a text file in XML format, and are arbitrary values, but would be given in increasing order of t.
      The symbols should ideally fade out somehow over time from when they were placed or failing that, could simply disappear in the next frame.

      I would be very interested if you know how this could be done.