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    New build recommendations


      I am looking to build a new pc and have been doing a lot of research on what to get etc. 



      Current setup:  i7 950, asus sabertooth x58, 12GB ram, GTX 460, 700W PS, 1TB HDD

      I feel this is still a decent machine, but would like it to be faster at times.  I could upgrade my ram, gpu, and OS to SSD, but if I'm that deep I'd rather start fresh.  plus my ram is triple channel, which seems uncommon with newer rigs, so anything i buy ram-wise won't be usable down the road. 

      I'm a versatile freelancer, mostly using after effects and premiere, but I'm getting more into cinema4d.  work with anything from RED 4k to BMCC .dng to DSLR .mov.



      NEW BUILD:

      CPU:  So far I have been researching i7 4930k vs a dual zeon setup.  Conclusion is 4930k will win out unless I spend several thousand on the high end zeons.  I'm also seeing the 4770k on sale right now for $199.  Is the 4930k over double the performance of the 4770k to make up for that price difference?  how much performance difference will I see?  I saw the other advantage of the 4930k are more ram slots, and the 2011 socket is the current whereas the 4770k is old socket???



      -I will go with the 840 pro SSD for OS.

      As far as project files, cache, etc.  What setup should I do?  What is the ultimate setup?  I've read to have 3 separate drives, one for media files, one for cache, and one for exports.  Is this accurate?  If so, should they all be SSDs? Some say SSD have no advantage in this area (mostly benefit in windows for quick reads).  Note: I would be using three SINGLE disk drives vs. 3 single SSD due to not have room for 3 separate raid setups for these, however I could raid the media files drive if needed.


      GPU: looking at the GTX 770 or 780.  I would also like a GTX 680 FTW due to good reviews but not seeing them available.


      PS: 850W sufficient?


      RAM: 32GB minimum.  Corsair vengeance probably.



      Some might ask about budget.  I would say I'm willing to spend whatever it takes to have a GOOD machine.  I want to be smart about this though (so no I am not going to spend 20k just to have top of the line everything).  For example, if a (9 out of 10) build costs $4000, and a (10 out of 10) costs $20,000, i'm going with the $4k.