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    Can I lock work on my portfolio so it can't be copies

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      I'm just getting started with Behance and Pro-Site, and I'm concerned about one thing. It seems like it's too easy for someone download and reuse my work. It seems like Behance is more about sharing work, than posting a portfolio which is copyright protected. It looks like anyone could download my photos and paintings and sell them to a stock photo site or use them on their own site. 


      Many online portfolio builders  automatically watermark my work or give an option to not allow anyone to download. I know that anyone can take a screen shot of my work, but I'd like to see an option that makes it difficult for anyone to copy.


      Besides putting a huge watermark on my work, is there something else that can be done?

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          We have spent much time researching the options and discussing the issues with other major content hosting sites. For the following 3 reasons, Behance does not use any "flash capsules" or other tricks to prevent images from being saved:

          (1) Screencapture will work anywhere on web anyway. Regardless of what mechanism is used by any site in the world, a simple keystroke enables a user to capture an image of anything on the web and save it as a jpeg. We, and other major content hosting sites, have come to realize that adding more code and obstacles to prevent a right-click save only increase the number of problems that users encounter.

          (2) The Behance Network is a powerful engine for getting blogs to write about your work, and many leads for job opportunities come from the "press effect" that members experience in Behance. For the 98% of members that elect to allow reposting of their work "with attribution" (via the extensive copyright options available in the "privacy settings" tab for every project), the "right click" to save option is helpful in promoting work and getting new business.

          (3) Many browsers are more likely to display images poorly (or inconsistently) if technology is used to put a flash "capsule" around them and prevent saving the image. Our team is always open to suggestions and follows the advances in technology to ensure that the Behance Network is the optimal experience for its participants.


          However, we do offer copyright protection on all of your work via Creative Commons, so you'll be able to select the appropriate settings at the time of publishing.

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