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    ID and Mathmagic : batch equation conversion by scripting ?

    Nicolas_Balbo Level 1



      My configuration : MacOS X + ID 6 + Mathmagic


      In ID, I have a text document with LaTex expressions, between \[ and \] tags.

      With a shortcut, I can convert these expressions in Mathmagic equation, one by one, when cursor is placed between tags.


      I have more than 800 expressions to convert, so I'm looking for a scripting solution to batch convert.


      I'd like to know if it is possible to write a script to process these actions on the document:

      1. Find  Latex expression between tags and place the cursor within (possibly by finding opening tag \[ and placing cursor after)

      2. activate  Mathmagic shortcut to convert the expression in Mathmagic equation


      I tried to use Rorohiko Action Recorder, but I didn't managed to record actual "Find" action after recording "opening Find menu" action.


      Any advice welcome