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      I'm pulling me hair out!   Trying to install Photoshop CS6 (mac). Went to web site www.adobe.com/go/getserial and typed my 24 digit redemption code into the six fields. I was very careful not to mix the zero (0) with the leter O.


      When I pressed "enter" there is a dialogue box continually stating the code is invalid!


      Purchase was from Amazon about two months ago.


      Please, any suggestions?

          Curt Y Level 7

          Check to make sure the program is a Mac version.  s/n determines OS.  If it is mac OS then call Adobe and ask them to verify s/n, it could be a fake program.  Happens all the time on eBay.

            LSIMPSON161 Level 1

            Curt, thanks. Just completed a live chat with Adobe customer service and resolved the problem. Got my serial number and headed to my account to start downloading.

            I appreciate your email and when I read it there was a gasp! Bought it through Amazon.


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            Check to make sure the program is a Mac version.  s/n determines OS.  If it is mac OS then call Adobe and ask them to verify s/n, it could be a fake program.  Happens all the time on eBay.




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              I have a related problem. I purchased Photoshop on EBay. When registered it on the Adobe website, I received a valid Registration Number. The site then told me I had to contact support. Pray that you never have to contact Adobe support.


              I contacted support on 11/15, then again on 11/20, then on 11/26 and I'm waiting online for them now (12/2 now there are only 83 customers in line ahead of me). Each time, I contact support I am told my registration code is valid and they are referring my case to "the relevant team". Last time I was told that "the relevant team" would email me within 24 hours. Yes the last time was 11/26. Today is 12/2. I have received no communication from "the relevant team" in almost a week.


              Is it common for Adobe support to stonewall customers who purchase software from other than authorized distributors? I have been told every time that EBay is not an authorized distributor. (They apparently don't understand the Ebay business concept.)


              Right now all I want is either a serial number that works, or notice from Adobe that they won't supply me with a serial number so that I can take it to Ebay to get a refund for the product. Instead Adobe is dragging the process on endlessly. Besides, the customer reps keep lying about when I will hear from "the relevant team."


              Any advice on how to break the log jam?