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    I have set a bleed area that may need changing - how?


      Hi. Hope this is not too confusing - My book will finish at 210x257mm.

      Printer stipulated 1 page - 216x263mm including 3mm bleeding four sides. 

                                  2 pages together, 426x263mm including bleeding 


      New at this, I have a red, black and pink line. Is the Pink line the cut off line. (not sure what the red line is)


      I have extended my bleed photos to the black line - the part from there to the pink line will be the cutoff ?

      From the outside blackline to inside black line the measurement is 216mm. Top black to bottom black line 263mm.


      "2 pages together , 426 x263mm including bleeding" - mine over the 2 pages outside black line to outside black line at present is 432mm  x 263mm - I assume that maybe 2 x 3mm bleed in centre? (i.e. pink to pink line = 6mm)

      Bit confused here because Printer says 3mm bleeding four sides which includes the centre for 1 page which I have set up


      If I need to change something in the Layout how do I do it part way through a Document?


      I hope this is not too confusing but would really appreciate some A-Z help before I go any further.