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      Excuse me...
      Why Adobe home page very Ugly.....
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          Aquilonian Level 1
          Wrost tham that, you see how ridiculous is the 'get shockwave plugim' near to 'get the flash plugim' button
          AND if you go to that 'search our solutions' and select 3d, it will answer anything but Director
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            thismarty Level 1
            I think Adobe is intentionally not pushing the SW plugin or Director right now, because, well, it sucks.

            Would you shout at the world to download the Shockwave plug-in in its current form? No way, Jose.

            Hopefully, sometime soon, the new version of Director will be out and won't suck. On that day, I would guess we'll see a nice big GET SHOCKWAVE badge on the front page and mention of Director where appropriate.

            Until then, I wouldn't mind if Adobe just hid Director completely, lest no one else decide it's crap before D11 is released.