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    Presenter 9 embedded video does not display




      Using Presenter 9, PowerPoint 2010 and Windows 7.


      Using Video Creator I shot a short 2min video of myself through the webcam.  Then published to local computer.


      I created a new powerpoint with 2 blank slides.  On the second slide I embedded the 2min video. Using Video Creator I recorded a short 4 min video. 


      Upon play back and publishing the embedded video does not play.  It appears as a black box.


      I then tested this by embedding other video into the presentation.  All embedded videos will not play. 


      I then took the same slide presentation and published normally (not through Video Creator) and the slide autoplayed correctly.  So it is not Presenter.  It is the Video Creator.


      How do I get an embedded video to play through Video Creator?



      Thank you,



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          Mr Sahu



          It is not clear that what are you actually trying to do.


          Publishing through Presenter is differnt and Publish in Video creator is different.


          What do you mean by embedded video to play through Video Creator ??

          Video creator can edit/play only video projects which are created using video creator. It doesnt play any video.


          you can import  MP4 video using Presenter and Publish. It will work correctly.


          In video creator, Create/Open a project and Publish video to the Desktop. It wil play correctly.


          can you explain your issues in steps ?

          or send me sample project at sunsahu@adobe.com and I will try to resolve it at the earliest.




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            mishmcintyre Level 1




            Create Powerpoint slide.

            On slide, add MP4 file from my computer. 

            Note: the mp4 file I am adding to the slide is another video created with Video Creator.

            Go to Video Creator.


            Talk for a short time.

            Note: During recording the video on the slide does not play.

            End record.

            Edit recording.

            Save file to local computer.

            Play file.

            Video on slide does not play.


            If I publish the same Powerpoint slide through the normal Presenter, (not video creator) the embedded video plays on the slide.

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              Mr Sahu Level 1



              Video on the slide will play only if you are in powerpoint slide show mode.

              So, While recording the video, launch powerpoint slide show by Pressing the key F5 or Shift+F5 .


              another way, if you lauch the video creator from powerpoint , powerpoint slideshow will automatically launch and video will play while recording the video.



              I hope this is what you are trying to do and will work.




              Adobe presenter engg Team

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                mishmcintyre Level 1

                Thank you Mr. Sahu, I really appreciate you taking the time to look into to this problem.


                When in Slideshow the video plays, no problem.


                When I add audio through Presenter and publish, the video plays.


                When I record through Video Creator and I am going through the slides, the video will not play.  I have tried F5.  Still nothing plays.  The slide appears with a big black box where the video should be playing.  Everything else plays perfectly from a published video.


                I will give it another go.  And let you know.