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    Hello! Need help using Edge Animate with IE (any version)

    100michaelmcleod100 Level 1

      I have loved the results of Edge Animate in other browsers, but whenever I view a site in IE, I see no trace of any Edge Animate .....well, anything.  I understand that for awhile an IE user would have to download a Google Chrome plug in to get EA to work in their browser, but thought that the situation had changed. Obviously stopping someone on their way into your site and asking them to take a trip somewhere else to load a plug in to view your site is kind of a death blow when you have only a few seconds of attention from folks cruising the web.


      Love Edge Animate, just getting no results at all. Can anyone help with the mystery?


      Using a 2013 IMac with 32 gig of RAM and a speed of 3.2 GHz (or round about, it's a shiny nooooo computer with Mavericks running the show)