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    Share an eBook on our network??


      Our Corporation recently bought an eBook that we need to share among multiple users. All users have Adobe Digital editions 2.0 on their devices. we have the ebook saved to a network drive that all users have access to however, i am the only user that can access the book. What do we need to do to share the book among all the users? The others are being prompted for a vendor ID and are being denied access to the book. Thank you for your help.

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          sjpt Level 4

          You can't share an Adobe DRM book unless you share an Adobe ID.


          Up to 6 devices (computers/ereaders/tablets) can share an ID at once.

          N ot likely to be convenient if the devices are used for other things that really need user's individual IDs.

          If you are a small group only using your computers/devices for reading work books,

          could work conveniently for you.